Specialist in hydraulic drive techology

Bijlard Hydrauliek recognises that every customer has different needs. The engineering department has an essential role in understanding and meeting those needs. Engineers with a wealth of knowledge and experience develop, design, simulate, calculate and draw solutions using advanced 3D software. We are highly focused on energy-efficient design. For this reason, our engineers feel it is of great importance to sit with the customer right from the outset. This creates a solid basis for a successful project.

The Service and Maintenance department of Bijlard Hydrauliek has a modern workshop equipped with all the hardware and software necessary to carry out both routine and special work. Our diagnostic tools include advanced test and measurement equipment from Parker.

In addition, our fully-equipped mobile workshop enables us to service your equipment on-site so that down time is minimised.

Bijlard Hydrauliek was appointed an official distributor for Parker in 2013. As a result, Bijlard has access to maximum support when it comes to product development, consultancy and special requirements.
In addition, for more than 50 years we have been an independent supplier of a wide range products from many familiar and trusted brands. These products include pumps, motors, cylinders, hoses, couplings, accumulators, filter systems, monitoring systems, seals..

Bijlard Hydrauliek

Specialist in the field of hydraulic drive technology with a focus on industry, shipping and agriculture. With an in-house engineering department skilled in the use of advanced design and drawing software, the company supplies a wide range of hydraulic components, and performs assembly, repair and other work from a modern workshop. A well-equipped field service team is responsible for the assembly, installation and commissioning of complete hydraulic systems, and performs all necessary maintenance.

Problem solving ability

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can provide you with the best possible service in the development, repair, overhaul and maintenance of installations and components. We are happy to think along with you to find the best solution together. Both in terms of budget and in terms of technical possibilities. Whether it concerns large or small projects.

Professional staff

Bijlard is aware that the performance of work depends entirely on the knowledge of the personnel. In addition to the efforts of our team of highly experienced technicians and engineers, we pay special attention to broadening the available knowledge through training. We also work with an innovative documentation system, with which, for example, the history of your installation can be retrieved quickly and easily.

Fast and good service

One phone call to our service number is enough to have hydraulic hoses or other components within a short time. After all, your company must be able to continue working. Our 24-hour service ensures that you always get to see someone who takes action as quickly as possible to help you. With our service vehicles, which are equipped with a large number of parts and equipment, we can help you quickly. We can arrange many repairs directly on location.

Large assortment

Our technical wholesaler is equipped for the immediate delivery of countless hydraulic articles and many other technical parts and supplies. We can deliver these to you, or you can view and purchase them directly at our sales counter. If a specific item is not in stock, we can deliver it within a very short time thanks to our extensive network of suppliers.

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