Bijlard Hydrauliek became an officially certified distributor for Parker hydraulics in 2013. Bijlard Hydrauliek is also an officially designated Parker Store. This means that Bijlard Hydrauliek has access to additional resources within Parker in such areas as product development, consultancy and service. Moreover, with 50 years of experience as an independent supplier of an extensive range of components, Bijlard has the necessary know-how to solve the trickiest of hydraulic problems.

History Bijlard

Bijlard was founded in Ottersum in 1964. In the early years it was a machining workshop for cylinders and reconditioning of clutch pressure plates and discs. In 1975 Bijlard relocated to Milsbeek where a business was started dealing in tools and car parts. Basic hydraulic systems and components were added during the 1980s. In the 1990s this evolved into an increasing specialization in industrial hydraulic systems, resulting in a definitive separation from the wholesale business in tools and car parts in the first decade of the new century. Today, Bijlard is entirely focused on the development, production, installation and reconditioning of advanced, high-quality hydraulic systems and cylinders.

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